Saving your memories from the funny tricks of time.

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Hello and welcome to It’schelseamariesphotography!

Thats right, I’ve finally launched the website, and I am proud to say I’m looking forward to my future projects, events and the future of It’schelseamariesphotography! To start this exciting adventure I’ve gathered a few of my all time favourite pictures that I’ve taken, saving these memories from the funny tricks of time.

Here are only a few of my favourite pictures! I think it’s safe to say I have hundreds of favourite pictures…

The prettiest photo any photographer can take is one that catches the eye, for me not only is it important to catch someones eye (especially with a landscape image) but its also extremely important to pull at the heart strings, and by that I mean taking a photo that will make someone smile for years to come. It truly captures the memory of loved ones, a proud moment, a loved moment, a once in a lifetime opportunity. A memory for those to look back on and be able to cherish for the rest of their lives. A memory that is displayed in a persons home for the family to see, a photo shared in albums after years gone by.

So let’s raise a glass for the memories captured in the past and those that are yet to be captured! There’s a whole lot more to come.

See you shortly,